Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sofra Contributor Featured at Istanbul Exhibit October 17

Expat Sofra contributor Gabrielle Reeves featured in Istanbul exhibit!

Mark your calendars for October 17 and check out Expat Sofra contributor Gabrielle Reeves at her show "Kaybolan Suretler / Lost Forms." Featuring the work of Doug Russell and Gabrielle Reeves, the exhibition opens at the Istanbul Concept Gallery October 17th and will be on for a month.


A city is a continually evolving collage, a collaborative work composed of various juxtaposed materials and forms that come together to create a new whole from unlikely elements.  The city lives and dies – simultaneously worked on and abandoned by its inhabitants.  It expands and collapses, is broken and rebuilt, and eventually disappears – only to be rediscovered, revealed and even reused years later.  Gabrielle Reeves and Doug Russell share a fascination with this urban and ancient collage reality.  From Istiklâl Avenue in Istanbul to Curetes Street in Ephesus, the ongoing contrasts of hopeful human construction and inevitable decay are a rich source for their creativity and work.  Both artists are deeply affected by this dense and layered landscape, and its overwhelming and immense wealth of ruin and renewal.  The genesis of their mutual interests occurred for both artists while living in Turkey - for Russell, while living in Bursa nearly twenty years ago, and for Reeves starting in 2008 with her first visit to Turkey. 

Foundations; Gabrielle Reeves, acrylic paint on paper

Foundations 1; Gabrielle Reeves, acrylic paint on paper

Wyoming based artist Doug Russell builds improvised and invented realities born out of his love of direct observational drawing and architectural forms.  In his work, Russell contemplates the inevitable effect of time upon human aspirations.  In his series, The Persistence of Ruin, Russell explores a fragmentary reconstruction of history through appropriated ancient and modern ruins and architectural forms from around the world.

The Persistence of Ruin 4: Doug Russell, mixed media on mylar and plexiglas

Istanbul based artist Gabrielle Reeves explores the reciprocal interactions between people and their environment.  Her work, also rooted in observational painting and drawing, incorporates the inhabitants and architecture from her home in Turkey.  In this series, Foundations, Gabrielle Reeves depicts a stratified and surreal portrayal of Istanbul: an organism of a city continually building on top of its old self.

Congratulations Gabrielle Reeves! Be sure and check out "Lost Forms" showing at the Istanbul Concept Gallery October 17, 2017.

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