Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Sofra Longlist

We are pleased to announce the fifty-one longlisted writers for Sofra: A Gathering Foreign Voices Around the Turkish Table. Over 80 writers sent us stories from all over the world, and we are honored to have been able to read them.

This summer we poured over stories that made us laugh, cry, and stumble into our kitchens in search of flavors described in stories set in bakeries, gardens, ancient ruins, home kitchens, cafes, airports, and tables set across Turkey, a literary tablecloth stretching from one end of the country to the other. We bumped into furniture while turning pages, not wanting to put the story down on our way from one room to the next. One of us, at least, burned a few sauces because of being utterly engrossed. It was a privilege to be invited into each writer’s world and sofra. We savored each story.

Stay tuned to the blog and our Facebook page for further announcements.

Lucille Abendanon
Finding my Feet as a Mother In Istanbul, With or Without Shoes
C. Elizabeth Akarslan
Meet the Parents
Gillian Akyazi
Turkish Delight
Sabiha Amarsi
Letting Go of my Inner Control Freak
Leanna Balci
Invited Into the Inner Sanctum
Carla Bassil
Ode to Mahaleb
Jeri Bidinger
Bittersweet Motherlove
Dawn Borndahl-Cimen
The List
Alice Brower-Cicek
Oracle of Datca
Melanie Ann Cakir
Building Dreams - And Nightmares!
Diane Caldwell
The Guest
Jayme Jo Ebert
Not Your Mama’s Bazlama
Maria Eliades
Roots Like Museum Pieces
Karrie Erenoglu
Sometimes, a Peach is just a Peach
Katherine Fierro
Comfort Food
Jennifer Gokmen
In the Offering
Sally Edith Green
Come to the Table
Michelle Gulgen
Kofte and Everything After
Maureen Gumusmakas
Virginia Guneyli
The Goods
Faith Gurel
Jennifer Herrick-Gibbs
The Book
Tara Chantal Hopkins
Are you a Villager Too?
Amy Hume
Communication is Easy
Nicola Huxley
Test Riding Turkey
Slawomira Kozieniec
Polish Heritage Withering Away at the Bosporus
Marci Laughlin
Feeding the Beast
Camille Leganza
A Lesson to Savor
Leigh Lewis
Virginia Lowe
An Expat at a Goreme Wedding
Joy Ludwig-McNutt
Istanbul: My Sweet Love Affair
Jessica Lutz
A Bunch of Basil and a Skew Smile
Anna McMurray
Kristina Moritz
Kickboxing in Turkish Cyprus
Lisa Morrow
Rakkas - Being and Becoming
Leeann Murphy
How I Met His Mother
Ilse Naves-Scheidel
Ekrem, the Bread Man
Annie Onursan
A Village Bound to Trees
Mary Anne Oxendale
Eating with Men in Kayseri
Annie Ozsarac
Melody Phipps
Sabunlu Kahve
Cecile Popp
It Doesn't Always Take a Village
Charaine Poutasi
Bitter Sweet Love Affairs
Gabrielle Reeves
Catherine Salter-Bayar
Susan Sipal
Turkey; a Land of Strong Coffee and Even Stronger Women
Emilie Varlet
Sade, Orta, Sekerli
Kirsten Voris
Matilda Voss
The Castle
Catherine Yigit
Afternoon Tea
Jennifer Yonan
The Bitter Made Sweet

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